Diane Genereux

Research Scientist I

Diane Genereux is a postdoctoral fellow in the Karlsson Lab. Diane’s background is in mathematical biology, with a focus during her earlier postdoctoral work at University of Washington on quantifying the fidelity and flexibility of the epigenetic information encoded by DNA methylation. Diane graduated from Brown University in 1999 as a biology/history double major, having taken an Evolutionary Biology course in which she first learned of the tremendous power of applying mathematical approaches to address biological questions. In her graduate work at Emory University, Diane investigated lateral gene transfer and epigenetics at various biological scales. She was previously on the Biology faculty at Westfield State University, where she taught genetics, mathematical biology, and cell and molecular biology, and developed an introductory course on bioinformatics and programming. Here at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Diane aims to apply her interest in evolution, epigenetics, and mathematical modeling to investigate genetic modulators of cholera susceptibility.