Karlsson Lab

We use evolution to explore how genetics affects health. We study everything from cholera to dog behavior to mammalian evolution to understand how genes work, and how we can translate these discoveries into improved health care.


The 200 Mammals Project

From aadvarks to wooly rats, we're working to understand mammalian evolution


Wolves vs dogs

Using domestication to investigate the genetics of early social development


Darwin's dogs

We are following the pawprints of evolution with help of dog owners around the world. We want to understand how dog DNA changed as dogs went from living in the wild to being part of our families. Do you own a dog? Join the Darwin’s Dogs project today!


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Domestication and the critical period of socialization

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Kathryn Lord You might have seen our newest research subjects, a litter of adorable wolf puppies, on Facebook or Instagram When people see photos of these little balls of fuzz,…

The 200 Mammals Project

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Jeremy Johnson We’re not just a pretty (fuzzy, barking) face! Our research group at the Broad Institute and the UMass Medical School doesn’t focus solely on dogs — we study…

Happy New Year from the Karlsson Lab!

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(click here for larger version) We began 2016 as a little group with big ideas for the future of science. In addition to our ongoing work on infectious diseases, our citizen-supported…